ARINCDirect Online Training Sessions

ARINCDirect Online Webinar Training Series

During these unprecedented times, ARINCDirect has developed a series of educational webinars designed to help business aviation professionals fill their grounded time and gain useful information to enhance their flight operations. The topics include NextGen datalink, safety services, advanced flight planning, and crew scheduling.  

Course & Descriptions

Tuesday, April 7th: iPad App and Plotting Chart

 An overview of the iPad app and it’s new Plotting Chart feature lead by our PLM ARINCDirect Mobile Applications.-

Thursday, April 9th: NextGen Data Link

An overview of flight deck data link media types, communication protocols, and global application of ACARS, FANS, and ATN.  With a review of current mandates, and coverage areas lead by our PLM Flight Deck Connectivity.

Tuesday, April 14th: Flight DeBrief

An introduction to ARINCDirect’s Flight Data Analysis Program (FDAP) and an overview of the program’s new application Flight DeBrief.

Thursday, April 16th: Domestic US Airspace (NAS) Review; Air Traffic Procedures

How ARINCDirect can support your operations during the 2020  convective season in the NAS. Including Domestic Airspace overview, EDCT support, Ground Stops, Ground Delay Programs, Airspace Flow Programs and Reroutes. With a PERTI Plan review lead by our Senior Technical and Operational Support.

Tuesday, April 21st: FOS Overview

A demonstration of the ARINCDirect FOS scheduling tool, an overall flight department management software, with an emphasis on interfacing with ARINCDirect flight planning and ARINCDirect ITS lead by our FOS Support & Training Specialist.

Thursday, April 23rd: ADMini

An overview of the ADMini Phone Application

For more information relating to any of the ARINCDirect services that may have been mentioned in these training videos, please contact one of our sales representatives.