Inmarsat I5 F4 Service Readiness project

march, 2019

27marAll DayInmarsat I5 F4 Service Readiness project


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This note is to outline the next steps in the program to introduce Inmarsat’s fourth GX satellite, Inmarsat-5 F4, into service at 56.5°E in Q1 2019, which will provide additional capacity in the busy Indian Ocean Region (IOR). This additional capacity constitutes a new ocean region, Indian Ocean West (IOW).


Inmarsat is happy to report that all the pre-requisite steps that have been taken in the program have been successful and Inmarsat is now ready to begin the final phase: full activation of commercial services over Inmarsat-5 F4 from the Inmarsat gateways at Nemea and Fucino.


The full activation of Inmarsat-5 F4 will take a few hours during the evening maintenance window (2100 UTC-2359 UTC) on 27 March 2019.  Inmarsat believes that this final step in the program will be fully complete before midnight (UTC) on that day.


While there is expected to be no loss of service, this is the full activation of a commercial service over a significant number of user beams, so Inmarsat believes there will be some impact for end users after Inmarsat-5 F4 is activated; the nature of this is outlined below:

  1. Terminals transitioning into the IOW from the west will now acquire Inmarsat-5 F4 rather than Inmarsat-5 F1. Customers served by these terminals will see their traffic routed via the Amsterdam Meet-Me-Point (MMP) to the ARINCDirect interconnect location.
  2. Terminals roaming into the original IOR from the Pacific region will acquire Inmarsat-5 F1, with traffic routed via the Sydney MMP to the ARINCDirect interconnect location as has been the case since the 13 March.
  3. Terminals that do not need to reacquire a satellite during the activity will remain connected to Inmarsat-5 F1.


Inmarsat does not believe that there will be any service degradation during this phase. If any service impacting issues are identified we will notify you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being an ARINCDirect customer, and we are pleased to work with Inmarsat as they continue to improve the performance of Jet Connex. For further information or assistance, please contact ARINCDirect Aircraft Communications Technical Support at +1 410-266-2266, 1-866

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