Because safety comes first.


ARINCDirect partners with Polaris Aero to offer a complete safety management tool, FlightRisk. FlightRisk is a web-based flight planning and risk assessment system that increases knowledge by identifying the critical information – hazards and risk mitigation procedures – that is most relevant to a flight. FlightRisk goes beyond awareness; it helps facilitate action.

  • Advanced Risk Engine – analyzes thousands of pieces data to determine which is most applicable to your flight
  • Scenario Analysis – shows how hazards change with changing conditions
  • Post-Flight Surveys – allow pilots to share their knowledge and experience with other pilots
  • Custom Rules – create your own hazard advisory messages
  • Vector SMS® Integration – share data with an advanced safety management software application


Vector SMS

Take your flight department’s safety management solution a step further with Vector SMS. Vector SMS is a web-based quality and safety management application that facilitates compliance with SMS requirements (ICAO, IS-BAO), improves operational effectiveness, and helps operators achieve the highest level of safety.

  • Enhanced Security – advanced data protection combined with maximum flexibility for information-sharing across the organization
  • Advanced Data Analysis – utilizes Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
  • FlightRisk Integration – allows risk controls to be delivered to flight crews during flight planning, where they are most effective

Additional safety products include:

  • Enhanced Program Guidance: Risk Management, Event Investigation, Internal Evaluation
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Internal Audit Checklists
  • SMS Courses