Data usage visibility to stay one step ahead 

Managing data usage is a challenge on an aircraft, especially when the number of personal electronic devices brought on board is ever increasing.  Passengers could be posting to social media, streaming videos – or downloading unwanted content, performing software updates and sharing files over the cloud. This type of usage can quickly drive up data consumption and costs without anyone even realizing it. It can even slow down the connectivity performance, affecting the cabin experience for other passengers. 
Collins Aerospace ARINCDirectSM cabin usage app takes the headache out of knowing how your cabin data is being utilized. The app will show current usage for a specific tail number(s) or fleet on a particular plan in relation to how many days are left in the billing cycle. With a quick swipe, you can easily see daily and monthly usage, set thresholds and receive alerts when you are close or have reached your data limits. You can even view it by the specific applications being used for quick troubleshooting access.  Best of all, these ongoing enhancements are included at no charge to you as part of our ARINCDirectSM cabin services.
This information is easily accessible to view as a widget in the background to reserve battery power while still seeing updates on a locked screen. The intuitive design enables you, as critical first line of defense, to avoid unforeseen charges and manage your passengers’ experience.
The ARINCDirect cabin usage app is currently available for ARINCDirect SwiftBroadband and Jet ConneX customers on iOS devices, iPhones and iPads.