We make it easy for you to monitor your SwiftBroadband (SBB) usage with the Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect SBB Dashboard. Your usage data is presented in a variety of visual formats to make it fast and convenient to understand.










Tail summary usage: Displays the total usage for the selected aircraft for the current day and the entire selected timeframe.

Usage by SIM card: For aircraft that have more than one IMSI enabled, the “usage by SIM card” view displays the total usage for individual SIM cards for the entire selected timeframe

Usage by day/month: Daily usage for the selected aircraft and selected timeframe is displayed graphically in the “usage by day” panel and is broken out for upload and download data. Data can be viewed as a stacked graph which shows the total amount of data uploaded and downloaded for a day. If the selected timeframe is greater than 60 days, “usage by month” will display.

Usage breakdown: Displays a pie-chart view of data usage by the most frequently used application categories. Mouse over a specific “slice of the pie” to view the data usage associated with that application category.

In addition to the various data usage views, the SBB Dashboard allows you to automatically generate a daily, weekly or monthly usage frequency report that is sent to your email address. Each usage report contains a summary in the e-mail body as well as a .csv file attachment containing all the call data records for a specified timeframe.