inmarsat services

As an Inmarsat distribution partner, ARINCDirect offers a variety of connectivity options for data, email, text messaging, voice and VPN – at some of the best rates in the industry.


Jet ConneX (JX)

Jet ConneX service has been available globally since 2016. It supports both voice & high speed internet via Inmarsat’s next generation of satellites, the Inmarsat-5s (I-5) over the Ka-band. The Ka-band has more capacity than other networks and is more efficient in its use of bandwidth, meaning more affordable in-flight connectivity and simple pricing options.

Service provides data speeds similar to what is experienced in homes and offices today. It expands the possibilities for in-flight entertainment to real-time TV and TV on demand as well as standard e-mail and web browsing capabilities. Jet ConneX offers the most extensive coverage of airways so as customers fly across time zones, they’ll have a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly across each Inmarsat satellite, and from one to another.

Features supported by Jet ConneX include:

  • Transmitted over the I-5 satellites
  • 4 satellites providing global, mobile Ka-band broadband services
  • Service speeds up to 15 Mbps
  • Simultaneous high-speed data and voice
  • Continuous, consistent service across all time zones
New JX Map

Jet ConneX Coverage Map

SwiftBroadband (SBB)

  • Transmitted over the I-4 satellites
  • Service speeds up to 432 kbps
  • Simultaneous high-speed data, safety services and voice
  • Worldwide coverage at all altitudes (except polar regions)
  • Dedicated streaming channels, up to four per aircraft
  • Future integration of Air Traffic Control (ATC) messages
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SwiftBroadband Coverage Map

SwiftBroadband 200 (SB200)

  • Transmitted over the I-4 satellites
  • Service speeds up to 200 kbps (uncompressed) via a small low-gain Class 15 antenna
  • Worldwide coverage at all altitudes (except polar regions)

Swift 64

  • Utilizes the L-band spectrum and a high-gain antenna communicating over the I-3 and I-4 satellites
  • Service speeds up to 64 kbps per channel
  • Inmarsat’s first mechanism for high-speed data
  • Up to four channels can be together, increasing throughput four-fold

Swift 64 Coverage Map