VHF & HF Air/Ground Voice Services

Collins Aerospace ARINC Air/Ground Domestic Voice Service is the industry’s air/ground voice communications link for Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) messages. The service is backed by over 45 years of ARINC’s experience and a network of 124 ARINC-operated VHF radio stations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It provides a reliable, high-quality, blanket enroute coverage above 20,000 feet in the continental United States, Hawaii and the coastal regions of western Canada and Alaska. In addition, it allows flight crews on the ground to contact their aircrew using any desktop Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) telephone, and aircrew to contact those on the ground using DTMF microphones, removing the need for ARINC radio operator involvement.

ARINCDirect’s Air/Ground International Voice Service provides High-Frequency (HF) single side band AOC voice communications for aircraft flying over the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific oceans; Canadian and Arctic regions; and the Gulf of Mexico and Central and South America. ARINCDirect connects far-reaching corners of the world to one of two long-distance operational control facilities located in New York and San Francisco. The radio operators at these facilities also control remote, high-powered HF radio sites located in Molokai, Hawaii; Guam; Barrow, Alaska; and Long Island, New York.

The service allows aircrews and ground parties to immediately communicate about matters such as:

  • Operational control and flight information
  • Aircraft malfunctions and emergencies
  • In-flight medical assistance
  • Weather and destination airport information
  • Aircraft diversions

ARINCDirect radio operators are available 24×7 to relay and/or transcribe and deliver messages. Additionally, messages can be managed by:

  • Sending transcribed messages via Type B addresses worldwide
  • Delivering messages by telephone, fax and/or phone patch
  • Establishing a phone patch between aircraft and any ground facility
  • Delivering ground-originated calls to aircraft anywhere in the coverage area
  • Incoming message alerts through SELCAL (notification to monitor call frequency)


SATCOM Services

When equipped with ARINCDirect SATCOM service and ARINCDirect Dial℠, operators have access to ATC enroute control facilities and FAA Service Stations by accessing the ATC/Medical calling menu. In the event of an emergency, direct voice links to Medaire and AirCare can be established from the flight deck or any aircraft handset.