Flight Operations System (FOS)

Flight Operations System (FOS)


Discover the difference of seamlessly integrated flight operations.

Handling the flight operations of business aircraft involves a staggering number of interconnected details. Schedulers, dispatchers and other members of flight departments have traditionally relied on a fragmented assortment of sources and services to help them gather, assemble, coordinate and analyze this crucial information.

The old process is full of frustrations and inefficiencies, and can leave you looking for a better way. The better way is here. Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect Flight Operations System (FOS®).

Easy, effective, complete

ARINCDirect FOS streamlines your flight operations, no matter how demanding or complex. The system brings you unparalleled speed, functionality and ease of use. It gathers all the information you require in one place, with a rich array of features and no redundant data entry.

New integration with ARINCDirect flight support services

ARINCDirect FOS becomes the hub of your operations with the integration of our flight planning, data link and international trip support tools. Run preliminary flight plans using aircraft performance data for more accurate enroute times and fuel burns. View current weather conditions on your selected routes. Request domestic slots. Send and receive data link messages. Submit requirements for international trips and receive updates on task completitions and invoices. Track the status of your aircraft with the click of the mouse.

ARINCDirect FOS saves you time and effort while reducing costs and helping you serve your customers more effectively. Standard ARINCDirect FOS features include:

  • Schedule Board– tailored displays of schedule information from the perspective of the requester, aircraft, passengers or crew. View live ASDI data, airport weather, crew currency, aircraft maintenance times and MELs. The schedule board features a color-coded “timeline” for aircraft and crew availability and a five-week “at a glance” schedule summary.
  • Crew scheduling – choose crew members from a list of only those qualified in the selected position for the specified aircraft type. The list shows crew flights and duty times, days, weekends and holidays worked over a specified period and allows sorting by any of these fields. Checks legality for the specified FAR (including Part 91, 135, 125 and 121) either automatically or by your request.
  • Scheduler’s Toolkit – time and distance calculator computes local arrival or departure time, fuel burn, time enroute, time zone change and cost. Includes searchable airport data for more than 2 million locations worldwide, including more than 175,000 in the United States.
  • Charter quotes – quick, all-inclusive trip quotation (aircraft costs, catering, crew expenses, etc.) for a specified itinerary for all your aircraft types. Automatically imports quote requests. Accommodates aircraft-dependent costs such as landing, handling and parking fees. Lists quotes for all aircraft, sorted by cost, showing margin for each. You can save, email, fax, print or pass quotes to your schedulers.
  • Training – complete tracking of all training requirements, crew currency and proficiency. Offers a user-defined training syllabus, includes crew training history and meets FAA guidelines for electronic recordkeeping.
  • Flight logs – tracks flight log entries, expenses, aircraft and crew records. Enables complete tracking of crew flight and duty times. Provides operational summaries and comprehensive chargeback calculations. Flight log posting updates aircraft and crew log books. Meets requirements for electronic recordkeeping.
  • Third party interfaces – ARINCDirect FOS supports seamless integration with a host of third party providers making it easy for you to track the status of maintenance due items, monitor crew certification and training, view charter requests, link with ground service providers and more.
  • Report writer – all reporting functions in ARINCDirect FOS are provided by integration with Crystal Reports. Easily create your own formats for quotes, invoices, trip sheets, flight log forms and confirmations. Perform ad hoc queries and create custom reports for specific needs. Running a report is as simple as selecting it from a menu.

Tailored Solutions for every type of operation

Our subscription pricing makes it even easier to realize the benefits of this powerful tool. Choose from three subscription package options—Essential, Professional or Enterprise—each scaled to the needs of your operations. In these fast-moving times, having access to the most current information, no matter where you are, is more important than ever. By selecting the ARINCDirect FOS hosting option, you never have to worry. You have access from anywhere in the world to the most up-to-date information to your critical trip information.

Like your flight operations, ARINCDirect FOS is dynamic— responding to customer needs in an ever-changing industry. With Collins Aerospace, our forward thinking means you’ll continually have the latest and most effective tools, services and support to keep your operations at their best.

Features & Functionality:

  • Operations and crew schedule views, including an interactive electronic schedule board with projection mode to keep your flight department informed
  • Manage aircraft, crew and passenger data, including logbooks, training, currency and legality
  • Deliver robust charter quotes, quickly and easily, then add them to your schedule
  • Customizable for all types of operations: corporate flight departments, charter operations, small airlines
  • Import fuel prices, charter opportunities, no fly list
  • Set alerts to notify dispatchers of flight and duty time limitations, aircraft performance data and limitations
  • Access worldwide airport, FBO, transportation, catering and hotel vendor database
  • Generate reports from a library of more than 2000 report templates
  • Integration with the ARINCDirect Flight Manager web portal
  • Manage aircraft, trip, crew, passenger or operations related documents
  • Graphical weather with flight plan overlay
  • Text weather/NOTAMs/security warnings
  • Citrix based hosting, which includes updates, backups and maintenance

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