Dedicated Flight Following

Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect offers dedicated flight following services, which serves as another set of eyes and ears to ensure a successful flight. Customers can expect enhanced pre-flight, enroute and post-flight support wherever they may travel. As a flight following subscriber, users can rest assured that a dedicated team will be taking a proactive approach to flight planning, aircraft tracking and pilot communications, providing crews with up-to-the-minute information on events and conditions that might affect the safety, efficiency and comfort of flight.

Each member of the ARINCDirect flight following staff is a licensed and experienced FAA part 121 Flight Dispatcher. They work hand-in-hand with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) General Aviation Air Traffic Desk and Air Traffic Control (ATC) System Command Center, monitoring the state of the National Airspace System for enroute flow constraints, anticipated or assigned reroutes and airport demand. This information, integrated with ARINCDirect flight following service software applications, provides pilots and their crew with flight planning alternatives before and during their flight, mitigating schedule disruptions. The need for after-hours staffing, to meet ISBAO and SMS requirements, is also eliminated by maintaining contact with and tracking in-flight aircraft.

  • Reduce or eliminate ground delays
  • Mitigate schedule disruptions because of weather and/or ATC
  • Deliver proactive and innovative solutions to get you airborne on time
  • Provide service worldwide
  • Satisfy various standards and compliance mandates