graphical flight tracking


Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect has partnered with FlightAware to provide the next level of graphical flight tracking support. Using FlightAware users can track the location of their aircraft or fleet, no matter where it travels, based on radar data, ADS-B reports and/or data link position reports.  Flight Aware also provides a view of the planned route of flight versus the actual route flown, displays weather overlays and receives real-time information such as ETA, speed and altitude. With graphical flight tracking users can:

  • Securely track aircraft from any computer or mobile device
  • View other IFR traffic, weather and ATC trends
  • Monitor in-flight movements and diversions
  • Point-and-click communication with the flight crew for data link equipped aircraft
  • Access Aircraft Situational Display Information (ASDI)

If you require an alternate solution, ARINCDirect is an authorized reseller of Flight Explorer. For more information, consult your account manager or email us at

If you are already a Flight Explorer user, ARINCDirect can send your data link position reports for display on their system. To enable that feature, call +1 410 266 2266 or email at