Online Flight Planning


Our ARINCDirect desktop and mobile flight support service applications offer you a complete suite of tools and support services to efficiently and effectively operate your flight department and aircraft. Create and file electronic flight plans anywhere worldwide, using aircraft performance data and the latest atmospheric forecasts for the most precise fuel burns and time calculations. Run flight plans. Check weight and balance. Track flights. Monitor weather conditions. Manage fuel costs via our new tankering functionality. And much more. All from the industry leader in business aviation technology and unparalleled in customer service. ARINCDirect customers are supported by a 24×7 flight operations center staffed by FAA Certified Part 121 Dispatchers.


Flight planning features

  • Flight plan computation/filing
  • Airport and enroute charts
  • Weight and balance computations/load manifest
  • Aircraft performance calculations
  • Critical fuel summaries/ETP calculations/Tankering
  • Route cost comparison
  • Integrated Safety Management System (SMS) tools
  • Recently and frequently cleared routes
  • Coded Departure Routes (CDRs)
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) preferred routes
  • ETOPS computations
  • Runway analysis including obstacle data
  • Customized flight plan formats
  • RAIM analysis


  • VHF/Satellite data link and voice services
  • Cabin Internet and voice connectivity
  • EDCT/CTOT notifications
  • Flight plan filing confirmation messages
  • Phone calls, emails and faxes
  • IATA/AFTN messaging

Support services

  • 24×7 dispatch center support
  • Slot and STMP reservations (US/Canada)
  • Worldwide technical support
  • Dosimetry reporting
  • iJet security briefings
  • US and Mexico APIS manifest