Weight and Balance


Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect offers runway analysis services, which utilizes software developed by Aircraft Performance Group (APG) combined with aircraft manufacturer supplied software, and performance data from the appropriate Approved Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). These runway analysis services allow customers to determine the maximum allowable gross weights for take-off and landing procedures and are available for airports worldwide.

The weight and balance (WB) tool is fully integrated into the ARINCDirect flight planning tool WB reports are prepared using the customer’s specific airplane interior configuration and take into account the precise location of all items on board. WB reports account for the actual fuel burn for a users’ specific aircraft and display a Center of Gravity (CG) chart showing these changes to the CG during flight. Ballast fuel calculations are also included for certain aircraft. 

WB information is now also available as a feature within the ARINCDirect iPad app.

Weight and Balance Website

ARINCDirect weight and balance website feature

Weight and Balance iPad

ARINCDirect weight and balance iPad app feature