ARINCDirect Flight Manager


Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect Flight Manager brings together many features and capabilities into one online location for all of your pre- and post-trip planning needs. Working seamlessly with your dispatch and scheduling software, ARINCDirect Flight Manager gives planners, dispatchers and flight crews up-to-the-minute information on everything that will affect a flight anywhere in the world. Storms over the North Sea. Fuel shortages in Peru. ATC strikes in France. Runway closures in the United States. It’s all available to you, right now, with ARINCDirect Flight Manager.


A user-friendly interface and menus allow ARINCDirect Flight Manager users to manage all their trip tasks, including:

  • Trip tracking through several formats – calendar view, folder view, global view and advanced search features
  • Online international trip quotes
  • Carbon emissions monitoring and tracking
  • Fuel pricing by location and online fuel ordering
  • Security updates including essential travel briefings and
    much more
  • Easy access to ARINCDirect card statements,
    third-party invoices and budget reports
  • Aviation tools that include airport locator, time and distance calculator, alternate airports and Fuel Stop Analyzer
  • Database of travelers, documents and flight histories