Now, seamlessly integrated and paperless flight ops can go anywhere you do.

Going mobile with your flight operations lets you take convenience, flexibility and efficiency to a new level. You stay connected anytime, anywhere. Plus, you get all the benefits of going paperless.

Only Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect offers you comprehensive mobile capability, with our ARINCDirect and Flight Manager applications for iPad and Flight Operations System (FOS) applications for iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.


ARINCDirect Mini

ARINCDirect Mini simplifies the most important aspects of flight by giving users the ability to quickly review, file and adjust flight plans with ease. Additional benefits include access to weather information, flight notifications, smart NOTAMs and the ability to recompute flight plans for updated information.

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Data Usage website

ARINCDirect cabin usage app 

Managing data usage is a challenge on an aircraft, especially when the number of personal electronic devices brought on board is ever increasing. Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect cabin usage app takes the headache out of knowing how your SwiftBroadband data is being utilized.  Learn More.


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AD Network Analyzer

Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect network analyzer application helps ensure your cabin connectivity services stay up and running - and at optimal performance.This app gives you access to easy-to-use network troubleshooting and resolution tools to help restore onboard connectivity - so you never have to compromise. Learn More.




ARINCDirect ITS allows you to keep track of your International Trip status while you are on the go right from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. This new app is free for all ITS users. Learn More.



ARINCDirect iPad app

Using the ARINCDirect iPad app, flight plans completed on the ground are automatically synchronized for convenient use. You’ll have the most recent and up-to-date weather information and flight plans at your fingertips. Learn More.






ADConnect VoIP app

Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect ADConnect Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application (app) turns personal cell phones into the aircraft's satellite phone. Instead of being limited by high-priced handsets installed on the aircraft, users can now simply use their iOS or Android-powered device. Since the app accesses contacts on their phone, they don't need to type any telephone numbers. Just select a name and call, anywhere in the world, using a smartphone. Learn More.

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fos (1)


Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect FOS offers you fully integrated, mobile capability for Flight Operations System (FOS) applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. User our native mobile applications to stay connected to important information with our without internet connectivity.  Learn More.

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