Simple and robust network utilities at your fingertips

Collins Aerospace delivers best-in-class cabin connectivity solutions with a focus on providing superior speed, quality and reliability. But we understand that sometimes unanticipated issues can occur, which can impact the services you rely upon. The ARINCDirect network analyzer application gives you access to easy-to-use network troubleshooting and resolution tools to help restore onboard connectivity - so you never have to compromise.
By utilizing system diagnostics and troubleshooting logs, the messaging feature provides ARINCDirect connectivity experts with the information they need to quickly and efficiently manage your onboard network issues and get you back up and running.
The ARINCDirect Network Analyzer app is available for the iPhone and iPad.


Key benefits

  • Comprehensive network system diagnostic reports
  • Dynamic Wi-Fi signal strength assessment
  • Connected devices network scan
  • IP and domain network ping test with TTL control
  • IP and doman trace route analysis
  • One-touch router configuration page access
  • Integrated ARINCDirect tech support and assessment