Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect ADConnect Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application (app) turns personal cell phones into the aircraft's satellite phone. Instead of being limited by high-priced handsets installed on the aircraft, users can now simply use their iOS or Android-powered device. Since the app accesses contacts on their phone, they don't need to type any telephone numbers. Just select a name and call, anywhere in the world, using a smartphone.

ADConnect is compatible with all aircraft wireless avionics technologies, including systems utilizing Inmarsat L-band, Viasat Yonder Ku-band and Iridium satellite services. Unlike similar apps, each account is dynamically provisioned using a web-based configuration server that sets up accounts based on aircraft tail numbers. Rather than passengers surrendering their phone for hours of setup, they can simply log into the app and select the aircraft they are on – the phone is instantly configured and ready for use.


  • Custom SIP provisioning per company, aircraft fleet and individual user
  • Easy access to existing contacts and ringtones
  • Phone app can be used for both business and personal use
  • Call forwarding, call swapping, merge and split calls, transfer calls, record calls, mute calls and place a second call
  • High-definition G.729 codec for enhanced voice quality
  • Configurable for VPN operations
  • DTMF capability to support automated attendants and applications requiring touch tone ops
  • User configurable dial-out schemes for various options to avionics and international calling

Compatible with the following avionics:

  • Thrane & Thrane Aviator Series
  • TrueNorth Simphone
  • Honeywell EMS CCU-200 Communications Convergence Unit
  • Honeywell EMS Aspire
  • Honeywell CG-710
  • Aircell Axxess Communication System
  • Viasat Yonder
  • Any other standard SIP protocol

The ARINCDirect ADConnect app is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android-powered smartphone. The app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store. After downloading the app, click here to begin the activation process.

Call +1 410 266 2990 or email with any questions. 


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