With regulations and safety requirements increasing around the globe, the need for a reliable partner to provide testing and training for both your aircraft and crew is critical. ARINCDirect is your FANS 1/A+ partner, providing technical support and troubleshooting assistance for all your FANS controller pilot data link communication (CPDLC), automatic dependent surveillance-contract (ADS-C), and CPDLC-DCL needs.

FANS Testing

ARINCDirect offers two automated FANS test stations available for remote customer access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  We also offer more in-depth troubleshooting support with our scheduled operator assisted FANS testing.  ARINCDirect FANS testing is conducted via our live network using either VHF or Satellite data link.  FANS Testing allows you to be in the cockpit of your aircraft exchanging real time CPDLC and ADS-C messages while in contact with our subject matter expert providing assistance with troubleshooting, training and verification of your FANS installation.  We are also able to provide FANS testing logs outlining every message transmission to/from the aircraft for audit purposes.
Two simple requirements:

  • FANS Capable Avionics Suite
  • ARINCDirect VHF and/or Satellite Data Link Connection

FANS Training

Through our partnership with Kobev International, we provide a unique FANS 1/A+ training program that combines classroom training with hands-on CPDLC and ADS-C training onboard your aircraft. This hands-on training program provides a more realistic instructional experience for pilots than traditional classroom teaching alone and is FAA approved pursuant to the requirements set forth in AC 120-70C.

Covered topics:

  • FANS CPDLC concept, theory & system requirements
  • Automatic dependent surveillance contract
  • Aeronautical facilities notification logon process
  • Pilot interface and interaction with onboard systems supporting CPDLC
  • Common contingency scenarios
  • Hands-on, in-cockpit training using published ATC message sets
Using our Pilot Trainer emulation program enables flight crews to have an interactive experience with real-time feedback, providing an improved understanding of FANS operations. The service is available at Collins Aerospace Annapolis, MD facility, Kobev International’s KARR facility or can be conducted in aircraft at a customer’s location. Additional information about the training program is available by emailing  ad-training@rockwellcollins.com.


FANS Coverage Areas


Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect offers Letter of Authorization (LOA) assistance to help flight departments obtain the required FAA approval to conduct worldwide FANS 1/A+ operations. The requirement to obtain a LOA for FANS 1/A+ operations can be frustrating for aircraft operators. ARINCDirect is able to remove any confusion and ensure that all of the necessary documentation is in place ensuring the certification process will be as quick and painless as possible. ARINCDirect will assemble the necessary information and create a submission-ready LOA data package for U.S. based operators in pursuit of a Data Link LOA.


Trusted support

Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect provides trusted and superior quality service, backed by our worldwide 24/7 technical support field staff. We provide our customers with upgrade consultation, on-site diagnostics and configuration, network engineering, and ongoing aircraft support to keep you connected. Contact us via  ims-adfans@rockwellcollins.com or call +1 410.266.2990