Because safety comes first.


ARINCDirect partners with Polaris Aero to offer a complete safety management tool, FlightRisk. FlightRisk is a web-based flight planning and risk assessment system that increases knowledge by identifying the critical information – hazards and risk mitigation procedures – that is most relevant to a flight. FlightRisk goes beyond awareness; it helps facilitate action.

  • Advanced Risk Engine – analyzes thousands of pieces data to determine which is most applicable to your flight
  • Scenario Analysis – shows how hazards change with changing conditions
  • Post-Flight Surveys – allow pilots to share their knowledge and experience with other pilots
  • Custom Rules – create your own hazard advisory messages
  • Vector SMS® Integration – share data with an advanced safety management software application


Vector SMS

Take your flight department’s safety management solution a step further with Vector SMS. Vector SMS is a web-based quality and safety management application that facilitates compliance with SMS requirements (ICAO, IS-BAO), improves operational effectiveness, and helps operators achieve the highest level of safety.

  • Enhanced Security – advanced data protection combined with maximum flexibility for information-sharing across the organization
  • Advanced Data Analysis – utilizes Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
  • FlightRisk Integration – allows risk controls to be delivered to flight crews during flight planning, where they are most effective

Click here to learn more about how Vector SMS complies with Bermuda’s mandate, requiring foreign business aviation operators to have an SMS program in place, or to have started the SMS implementation process.


Additional safety products include:

  • Enhanced Program Guidance: Risk Management, Event Investigation, Internal Evaluation
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Internal Audit Checklists
  • SMS Courses